Series V Regulating ball valve


Product Description


Single-piece valve body
• R-series valves have single-piece bodies, which prevents leaks caused by separate flanges or locking rings.

Durable metal seat
• The seat of the V-series V-port segment valve is firm and uniquely durable. The seat is designed in such a way that its sealing surface is not located directly in the flow stream. This gives the seat an extended service life. The working principle is a pressure-aided seat which enables good sealing properties at a low pressure difference. The seat is located inside the valve, which prevents forces from the pipe system influencing the sealing effect.

PTFE seat
• The V-series V-port segment valve is also available with a soft eat. This is primarily intended for applications where a hard chromium plated segment is unsuitable, e.g. for acids and cidic liquids. This structure contains an SPTFE seat, fitted in a body made of stainless steel.

• The bearings are located in the valve body, away from the flow stream, with a large bearing surface, offering a low bearing pressure and a long service life. Smooth action
• Because of the double bearing, the pre-tightened springloaded gland packing, and the low seat friction, the torque requirement of the V-series V-port segment valve is low. For this reason the size of actuator required is small. As a consequence, the control valve package combines low overall costs ith good control performance.

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