Approved by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People’s Republic of China,The “BONSF”®(No.: 12520835,Category 7)、“亚博J”®(No.:12520896,Category 6)、“J”®(No.:12732680,Category 7)、“NC”®(No.:17168839,Category 7) and “CLINCHER”®(No.:38303290,Category 7)trademark is a legally registered trademark of 亚博J VALVE Co., Ltd.

  For trademark inquiries, you can check the authenticity in the trademark search column of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce website,Registration of “BONSF”®、“亚博J”®、“J”®、“NC”® and “CLINCHER”® trademark,It is an important measure for the company to maintain its legal rights and implement its brand strategy in accordance with the "Trademark Law."In the future, any unauthorized use of "BONSF"®, "亚博J"®, "J"®, "NC"® and "CLINCHER"® as the marks or generic names of similar products without our authorization will constitute trademark infringement against our company. Our company reserves the right to pursue its legal liabilities in accordance with the law.

Hereby declare!

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亚博平台手机网页版 亚博平台手机网页版 亚博平台手机网页版
No.: 12520835,Category 7 No.:12520896,Category 6 No.:12732680,Category 7
亚博平台手机网页版 亚博平台手机网页版 亚博平台手机网页版
No.:17168839,Category 7 No.:15465821,Category 42 No.:38303290,Category 7